Spray painted nano structured TiO2 electrodes for solid-state dye sensitized photocells

GKR Senadeera


Novel spray-pyrolysis (SPY), nano-structured TiO2 electrodes were prepared in the aim of developing cost-effective alternative route to the photoelectrodes for solid-state dye sensitized solar cells (SSDSC). Physical properties and photoresponses of these SPY electrodes were compared with the TiO2 electrodes prepared by the typical "doctor blade" (DB) technique. Enhanced necking of the TiO2 crystallites with higher porosity and larger surface area were observed in the SPY electrodes than in DB electrodes. Two sets of RuL(SCN)2 (L = 4,4'-dicarboxy-2,2'-bipyridyl) dye sensitized solid-state solar cells were constructed. One with DB and the other with SPY electrodes comprising CuI as hole transporting material. Preliminary studies showed that the photocells comprised with SPY electrodes have three fold higher overall efficiencies than that of the cells made up of DB electrodes under the same conditions. Improved necking between the TiO2 crystallites might be the reasons for this enhancement. 

Sri Lankan Journal of Physics, Vol.5 (2004) 13-19